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  THE OFFICIAL GUIDE FOR GMAT VERBAL REVIEW is the only book of its kind on the market written by the creators of the GMAT exam. With real GMAT questions form previous GMAT exams, this guide can help you focus on you verbal skill, with 300 answers and explanation in the following areas: Reading Comprehension. Critical Reasoning. Sentence Correction. Analytical Writing Assessment.THE OFFICIAL GUIDE FOR GMAT VERBAL REVIEW is an intensive study guide to focus your preparation on the key verbal areas of the GMAT exam. This targeted review helps you get the most out of your study time and improve your verbal skills by focusing on your ability to read and comprehend written material, to reason and evaluate arguments, and to correct written material to conform to standard written English.


1.0 What is the GMAT?1.1 Why Take the GMAT Test?1.2 GMAT Text Format1.3 What Is the Content of the Test Like?1.4 Quantitative Section1.5 Verbal Section1.6 What Computer Skills Will I Need?1.7 What Are Scores Calculated?1.8 How Are Sceores Calculated?1.9 Analytical Writing Assessment Scores1.10 Tes Development Process2.0 How to prepare2.1 How Can I Best Prepare to Take the Test?2.2 What About Practice Tests?2.3 Where Can I Get Additional Practice?2.4 Gweneral Test-Taking Suggestions3.0 Reading Comprehension3.1 What Is Measured3.2 Test-Taking Strategies3.3 The Directions3.4 Reading Comprehension Saqmple Questions3.5 Reading Comprehension Answer Key3.6 Reading Comprehension Answer Explanations4.0 Critical Reasoning4.1 What Is Measured4.2 Test-Taking Strategies4.3 The Directions4.4 Critical Reasoning Sample Questions4.5 Critical Reasoning Answer Key4.6 Critical Reasoning Answer Exzplanations5.0 Sentence Correction5.1 Basic English Grammar Rules5.2 Study Suggestions5.3 What Is Measured5.4 Test-Taking Strategies5.5 The Directions5.6 Sentence Correction Sample Questions5.7 Sentence Correction Answer Key5.8 Sentence Correction Answer Explanations6.0 Appendix A6.1 Percentile Ranking Tables7.0 Appendix B7.1 Reading Comprehension Extra Answer Sheets7.2 Critical Reasoning Extra Answer Sheets7.3 Sentence Correction Extra Answer Sheets


  Which of the following, if true, casts the most doubton the effectiveness of the solution proposed above?The major causes of delays at the nations busiest airports are bad weather and overtaxed air traffic control equipment.Since airline deregulation began, the number of airplanes in operation has increased by 25 percent.Over 60 percent of the takeoff and landing slots at the nations busiest airports are reserved for commercial airlines.After a small Midwestern airport doubled its allocation of takeoff and landing slots, the number of delays that were reported decreased by 50 percent.Since deregulation the average length of delay at the nations busiest airports has doubled.Unlike the wholesale price of raw wool, thewholesale price of raw cotton has fallenconsiderably in the last year. Thus, although theretail price of cotton clothing at retail clothingstores has not yet fallen, it will inevitably fall.Which of the following, if true, most seriouslyweakens the argument above?The cost of processing raw cotton for cloth has increased during the last year.The wholesale price of raw wool is typically higher than that of the same volume of raw cotton.The operating costs of the average retail clothing store have remained constant during the last year.Changes in retail prices always lag behind changes in wholesale prices.The cost of harvesting raw cotton has increased in the last year.






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