出版时间:2001-1-1  出版社:Foreign Languages Press  作者:Shi Nai'An  页数:2149  译者:Sidney Shapiro  


  China's great classicnovel 0utlaws of the Mursh,written in the turteen the entury,is a fictional account of hvelfth-century events during the Song Dynasty.One by one,over a hundred men and omen are forced by the harsh feudalofficialdom to take to tile hills.They band together and defeat every attempt ofthe government troops to crush them.Within this framework we find intrigue,adventure,murder,warfare.romance…in a connected series of fascinatingindividual tales.told in the suspenseful manner of the traditional sotryteller.


作者:(清代)施耐庵 (清代)罗贯中


CHAPTER 1Zhang the Divine Teacher Prays to Dispel a PlagueMarshal Hong Releases Demons by MistakeCHAPTER 2Arms Instructor Wang Goes Secretly to Yanan PrefectureNine Dragons Shi Jin Wreaks Havoc in Shi Family VillageCHAPTER 3Master Sift Leaves Huayin County at NightMajor Lu Pummels the Lord of the WestCHAPTER 4Sagacious Lu Puts Mount Wutai in an UproarSquire Zhao Repairs Wenshu MonasteryCHAPTER 5Drunk, the Little King Raises the Gold-Spangled Bed CurtainsLu the Tattooed Monk Throws Peach Blossom Village into ConfusionCHAPTER 6Nine Dragons Shi Jin Robs in Red Pine ForestSagacious Lu Burns Down Waguan MonasteryCHAPTER 7The Tattooed Monk Uproots a Willow TreeLin Chong Enters White Tiger Inner Sanctum by MistakeCHAPTER 8Arms Instructor LinIs Tattooed and Exiled to CangzhouSagacious Lu Makes a Shambles of Wild Boar ForestCHAPTER 9Chai Jin Keeps Open House for All Bold MenLin Chong Defeats Instructor Hong in a Bout with StavesCHAPTER 10Lin Chong Shelters from the Snowstorm in the Mountain Spirit TempleCaptain Lu Qian Sets Fire to the Fodder DepotCHAPTER 11Zhu Gui Shoots a Signal Arrow from the Lakeside PavilionLin Chong Climbs Mount Liangshan in the Snowy NightCHAPTER 12Lin Chong Joins the Bandits in Liangshan MarshYang Zhi Sells His Sword in the Eastern CapitalCHAPTER 13The Blue-Faced Beast Battles in the Northern CapitalUrgent Vanguard Vies for Honors on the Training FieldCHAPTER 14CHAPTER 15CHAPTER 16CHAPTER 17CHAPTER 18CHAPTER 19CHAPTER 20CHAPTER 21CHAPTER 22CHAPTER 23CHAPTER 24CHAPTER 25CHAPTER 26CHAPTER 27CHAPTER 28CHAPTER 29CHAPTER 30CHAPTER 31CHAPTER 32CHAPTER 33CHAPTER 34CHAPTER 35CHAPTER 36CHAPTER 37CHAPTER 38CHAPTER 39CHAPTER 40CHAPTER 41CHAPTER 42CHAPTER 43CHAPTER 44CHAPTER 45CHAPTER 46CHAPTER 47CHAPTER 48CHAPTER 49CHAPTER 50CHAPTER 51CHAPTER 52CHAPTER 53CHAPTER 54CHAPTER 55CHAPTER 56CHAPTER 57……


Before half a year had gone by, his father fell ill andcould not leave his bed. Shi Jin brought doctors fromnear and far, but none of them could save him. To thesorrow of all, the old man died. Shi Jin prepared a coffinand outer casket, in which his father was laid, richlydressed, and he hired Buddhist monks to conduct sevenservices, one every seven days, to pray for the departedsquire. He also paid Taoist priests to chant prayers en-suring the passage of his father's soul straight to heaven.There were more than ten of these services. He then se-lected an auspicious day for the funeral. All of the threeor four hundred families in the village attended, dressedin mourning. Squire Shi was buried in the ancestral cem-etery on a hillside west of the village.   Now there was no one to look after Shi Jin's house-hold affairs. The young man cared nothing for farming.His only interest was in finding people with whom hecould match skill at arms.   Three or four months passed. It was the middle of thesixth lunar month, and very hot. Shi Jin sat on a folding-chair beneath a willow on the edge of the threshing-ground outside the manor, seeking a breath of cool air.He had nothing to do. A breeze wafted in from the pinegrove opposite. "How refreshing," thought Shi Jin.








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  •     商品描述与商品一样。字小点,但够清晰。我一直把英文版的小说作为学习英语的手段。特别是我国的四大名著。读完红楼梦第一册,我就知道掌握一门外语不是梦。红楼梦我已在读第二遍。西厢记英文版我没找到。水浒和三国均读了第一册。最难读是红楼梦。水浒最接近生活语言。
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