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作者:(美国)卡耐基(Carnegie,D.)CARBEGLE,DALE(1888-1955),was a pioneer in public speaking and personality development .He got good reputation by showing others how to become successful .His book How to Win Friends and Influence People(1936)has sold more than 10 million copies and hand been translate into many languages .His books usually have characteristics of illustrative stories and simple, well-phrased rules. His other books in include How Stop Worrying and Start Living (1948).Toward the beginning of his career ,Carnegie wrote Public Speaking and Influencing Men in Business(1931),Which became a standard text.


HOW TO WIN FRIENDS AND INFLUENCE PEOPLE Eight Things This Book Will Help You Achieve Preface to Revised Edition How This Book Was Written--And Why By Dale Carnegie Nine Suggestions on How to Get the Most out of This Book Part One Fundamental Techniques in Handling People  1  "If You Want to Gather Honey, Don't Kick over the Beehive"    2  The Big Secret of Dealing with People  3  "He Who Can Do This Has the Whole World with Him.  He Who Cannot Walks a Lonely Way"   Part Two Six Ways to Make People Like You  4  Do This and You'll Be Welcome Anywhere  5  A Simple Way to Make a Good First Impression  6  If You Don't Do This, You Are Headed for Trouble  7  An Easy Way to Become a Good Conversationalist  8  How to Interest People  9  How to Make People Like You Instantly Part Three How to Win People to Your Way of Thinking  10  You Can't Win an Argument  11  A Sure Way of Making Enemies--And How toAvoid It  12  If You're Wrong, Admit It  13  A Drop of Honey  14  The Secret of Socrates  15  The Safety Valve in Handling Complaints  16  How to Get Co-operation  17  A Formula That Will Work Wonders for You  18  What Everybody Wants  19  An Appeal That Everybody likes  20  The Movies Do It. Tv Does It. Why Don't You Do It?  21  When Nothing Else Works, Try This Part Four Be a Leader: How to Change People without Giving Offense or Arousing Resentment  22  If You Must Find Fault, This is the Way to Begin  23  How to Criticize--and Not Be Hated for It  24  Talk about Your Own Mistakes First  25  No One Likes to Take Orders  26  Let the Other  33  Do This and You'll Be Looking up the Time-Tables to Reno  34  A Quick Way to Make Everybody Happy  35  They Mean so Much to a Woman  36  If You Want to Be Happy, Don't Neglect This One  37  Don't Be a "Marriage Illiterate"  HOW TO STOP WORRYING AND START LIVING Preface  How This Book Was Written--and Why  Part One Fundamental Facts You Should Know about Worry  1  Live in "Day-tight Compartments"    2  A Magic Formula for Solving Worry Situations  3  What Worry May Do to You  Part Two Basic Techniques in Analysing Worry  4  How to Analyse and Solve Worry Problems  5  How to Eliminate Fifty Per Cent of Your Business Worries  Part Three How to Break the Worry Habit Before It Breaks You  6  How to Crowd Worry out of Your Mind  7  Don't Let the Beetles Get You Down  8  A Law That Will Outlaw Many of Your Worries  9  Cooperate with the Inevitable  10  Put a "Stop-Loss" Order on Your Worries  11  Don't Try to Saw Sawdust  Part Four Seven Ways to Cultivate A Mental Attitude That Will Bring You Peace and Happiness  12  Eight Words That Can Transform Your Life  13  The High Cost of Getting Even  14  If You Do This, You Will Never Worry About Ingratitude  15  Would You Take a Million Dollars for What You Have?  16  Find Yourself and Be Yourself: Remember There Is No One Else on Earth Like You  17  If You Have a Lemon, Make a Lemonade  18  How to Cure Melancholy in Fourteen Days  Part Five The Golden Rule for Conquering Worry  19  How My Mother and Part Eight How to Find the Kind of Work in Which You May Be Happy and Successful  29  The Major Decision of Your Life Part Nine How to Lessen Your Financial Worries  30  Seventy Per Cent of All Our Worries Part Ten "How I Conquered Worry"--32 True Stories  THE QUICK AND EASY WAY TO  EFFECTIVE SPEAKING Introduction Part One Fundamentals of Effective Speaking  1  Acquiring the Basic Skills  2  Developing Confidence  3  Speaking Effectively the Quick and Easy Way Part Two Speech, Speaker, and Audience  4  Earning the Right to Talk  5  Vitalizing the Talk  6  Sharing the Talk with the Audience Part Three The Purpose of Prepared and Impromptu Talks  7  Making the Short Talk to Get Action  8  Making the Talk to Inform  9  Making the Talk to Convince  10  Making Impromptu Talks  Part Four The Art of Communicating  11  Delivering the Talk  Part Five The Challenge of Effective Speaking  12  Introducing Speakers, Presenting and Accepting Awards  13  Organizing the Longer Talk  14  Applying What You Have Learned








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  •     买了这书之后跟编者徐昌强交流过,他说中文版还会出更大更全的卡耐基全集,很高兴n_n;不过作为英文版来说,这本暂时是我看到最全的(人性优点、弱点和语言突破这三本的全部没删减),书的纸质是轻纸质,16开的书手感不错,行距也适合让人多看不累的那种。英文简单,对于看过中文版的还可以学下英文,如果两种都没看过的可以买中英对照本看,质量也是很不错的,内容都一样充实,值得收藏。
  •     今天收到了“卡耐基经典·英文原版,我是前天订的,今天收到的。刚收到,还真的不敢相信,送货速度有这么快,神了!
  •     我一直想买一本英文版的卡耐基经典,因为听别人说英文版的里面有好多古语,担心自己看不懂,这次买回来了,书真的很不错,我能读懂的
  •     卡耐基的书,Good~~~ 读出生活,读出水准~~~呵呵~~~
  •     卡耐基的哲学值得一读的。
  •     喜欢这本书,一直想买人性的弱点,最近又想提高一下英语,正好看见了这本书,虽然刚看了序,可是它已经告诉我,这本书没有白买。
  •     我喜欢这种简单的文字背后的真知灼见,舒服的语言,让人爱不释手!我会细细品味,品味人性,品味人生!
  •     有空时可以读读,但人性情已定,很难改变
  •     很不错的一本书,英文虽是原版,但通俗易懂,语言也很地道,内容很实用,无论学英语还是人际交往都值得一读
  •     很励志,不错,质量好。
  •     看过中文版的,现在看英文版的,才觉得更经典!
  •     很喜欢这本书,英文原版,锻炼了自己的英语水平,还学会了很多做人的道理
  •     很不错的一本书,3篇著作合在一起,英文原版还能学习英语。书比较厚而且质量不错,值了。
  •     看过中文版的所以看英文版的比较不吃力而且英文通俗易懂内容更不必说顶了
  •     教人待人接物,英语简单易懂却道理深刻
  •     全英文!看来学习英语看书两不误!中文版看过,但是感觉平平!因此买英文版研究研究
  •     综合说明几个问题吧:第一,这本书整体感觉不错,纸质一般,但绝对不影响阅读,反而减轻了书的重量;第二,关于字母较小的问题,我觉得和英语课本相比略小一点点,但长时间看起来也不会累,因为它比我买的新东方的英语辅导书上的字还大了不少,其实英文本就不比汉字,汉字小了看着累,英文其实还好,毕竟字母通常就一划不是。。。第三,书的内容也没有什么问题,这点自不必说,大家慢慢看咯,粗略看了一下,除了一些专有词汇和少数词外,生词较少。总之,对这本书还是比较满意的,推荐购买。。。
  •     这本书是永恒的经典~!
  •     语言浅显生动,既明白了很多生活哲理,又可以提高英文水平,适合随时翻看阅读。
  •     语言诙谐有趣,英文难度不是很大,很容易看明白。
  •     内容肯定是经典 但是排版的字太小 看着很容易累
  •     这本书完全是英文的较适合有一定英语功底的人少些趣味性多些哲理性
  •     英文版本很喜欢,也可以当做一种学英语的方式
  •     是一个很值得学习和反思的一本书,英文版的还可以让我学学英语。
  •     提高英语写作我觉得就是要读看书~
  •     看原版书要比读翻译成汉语的好的多,当然你必须有一定的英语基础至少词汇量不低于5000.这本书写的非常棒!强烈推荐!
  •     这本中文版的已经差不多看了,英文版的字体小了点,看去了不是很舒服,不过内容还是好的
  •     今天收到书了,稍微翻了一下,内容很不错,英文版的比较有意思,自己琢磨看完后可能考虑再买中文版的,作收藏也不错啊
  •     全英文的,学英语的童鞋可以看看
  •     以前读过译本,现在读原作感觉非常棒
  •     原版需要耐心地看
  •     读原版更好
  •     是原版书不错只是我没有耐心了看着看着就睡者了
  •     我也是没耐心,读好这个不是困难,而且这本书真的很有意义,没准在费解之时,会有一丝人生的感悟迸发出来呐!
  •     一直在出差,没多少时间在家看书,偶尔拿起来翻翻,既能学习英文,又能陶冶性情,很不错。
  •     中英文都挺好.英文很适合英文学习者阅读.
  •     很提高英文水平
  •     正在看,全英文
  •     很快``很快``质量也不错``有点折``还好啦```很厚的一本``都是英文``要挑战自己啦```当当真的很不错``而且免运费``这点太好了```
  •     好书,可惜我的英文不大好
  •     书的质量不错 买了两本 一本给自己 一本给朋友
  •     买这本书主要为了学习英语,内容还可以
  •     对大学四六级通过的人而言,读懂应该没有问题。内容也还好。印刷确实有待提高.
  •     经人介绍买的,内容还没看,不过印刷还行
  •     想学好英语的人看看啊*内容不难  
  •     为了学英语买的,看得很慢,书质量还可以
  •     希望通过这本书能提高自身的英语水平,并且能够获得更多的关于自己的认识。
  •     很好的一本书,支持。不过我的英语水平差了点,要努力哟
  •     很喜欢这本书!全英的。
  •     这本书买了很久,也一直在慢慢的读,感觉真的很好,教了我很多为人处世的方式,支持~
  •     很好的一本书,但要真正做到就很难:)
  •     内容丰富,都是生活中实实在在的例子,部分章节还是有一点难度的。
  •     还没读,但很期待,很多人都说受益匪浅
  •     本人没有分英语级别水平,要看多久呢?
  •     内容肯定更不错!
  •     希望内容也充实
  •     内容很丰富,就是看起来还是蛮累,呵呵
  •     书很有质感,至于内容要看了才知道。
  •     本来以为是三本结果是合订本不过质量还好吧很喜欢还没看不知道内容
  •     挺不错的,哈哈
  •     为了提高英语买的,但是还没看
  •     物流挺快的,感觉不错
  •     好书!!有价值
  •     书的质量与排版都不错,看起来舒服,封面有些花哨,但是拿到手里也不觉得难看,物有所值,值得购买
  •     挺喜欢的。后面还有面具可以做的。挺好看的,哈哈,儿子超级喜欢。。
  •     不错的书,加个便宜实在。闲来无事看一看挺好!
  •     挺不错的。上档次
  •     还没看,买上一点点看
  •     真的值得认真读一下。。。
  •     印刷很好,纸质很好,我很喜欢
  •     还没看,书的质量不错,字体合适。
  •     总体比中文翻译的会好点
  •     还没看。不过很期待。希望不会很难读吧
  •     在心情比较不平静时翻出来看看
  •     The book can help us to achieve
  •     粗略看了一点,值得去细读,有助于提高自己的英语同时领会很多哲理性的东西。
  •     不难读懂的文字,适合去看看
  •     很好,可学习原味英语,也提高生活情商
  •     还好,就是纸张薄了点,希望是正版
  •     发货超快,质量很好。
  •     before receiving the boook ,i just think maybe i can not understand the word.
    but to my surprise ,the word is not difficulty to read and the mean is also easy
    to understand.
    the quality is also ok ,though is not perfect ,but ok enough to read and collect.
    very happy and will enjoy read this good book.
  •     没事的时候翻翻~
  •     书很正,价格合理
  •     写的很好,也很风趣和有深度,如果真正看懂了确实很有帮助的。生词也不是很多,应该可以搞定
  •     个人觉得很受用 且里面所用到的英语都不是很难 阅读起来很舒服
  •     很棒值得收藏须细细品味
  •     Therearealwayssometimeswhenyoufeelyourselfjust***ealoser!Youdon'tsatisfiedwiththisorwiththat!!!Butyouknowwhat,just***etheauthorsaid"Foreveryalimentunder.Thereisaremedy,orthereisnone.Iftherebeone,trytofindit.Iftherebenone,nevermindit.'Thisisagreatbookforslefeducation.Especiallyforthose,***eme,whoareconfusedaboutlife!!!!Thanksalot!Hatoffstoyou,DaleCarnegie!
  •     适合有一定英语基础的读者,既锻炼了英语又增长了知识,已经读了一篇感觉还不错
  •     不用枯燥的记忆单词和语法了。
  •     还没有读完但是里面很多例子能告诉我们很多道理
  •     还没开始看,不过感觉书的质量还是不错的~
  •     thisbookisverygood!itreallydeservesthemoneythatihavepaid.
  •     与好书为伴
  •     不仅可以学习英语,而且可以学习做事做人,一本很好的书!
  •     很喜欢,真得不错
  •     easytoread,clear,useful,whatelsedoyouexpect?
  •     晚上睡觉之前会翻开来看看,文字朴实,感觉很好
  •     非常好...有挑战
  •     刚到的,还没开始看
  •     此书很好,推荐一看。

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