DL/T 5238-2010 土坝灌浆技术规范

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《DL/T 5238-2010土坝灌浆技术规范(英文版)》内容简介:This Standard is a revi.sion one and made by the requirement of Noticeon Printing the Development and Revision Plan of ProfessionalStandards in 2007 (Document 1415, 2007) issued by the National Development and Reform Commission of the People's Republic of China.
Earth dam grouting technology is an innovation for seepagetreatment of earth dam and embankment. Grouting Technical Specification for Earth Dam was issued in 1988, and it has played animportant role in application and promotion of earth dam groutingtechnology. Many reservoirs and embankments were reinforced byusing the technology. Meanwhile the technology has obtainedimprovement and development in practice, and the application rangeand the scale of treated projects have extended. In combination withthe current development of earth dam grouting technology, thisStandard is prepared through the Supplementary and revision of theformer standard.


1 Scope
2 Normative References
3 Terms and Definitions
4 General
5 Grouting Design
 5.1 General
 5.2 Defct Investigation
 5.3 Hydrofracture Grouting Design
 5.4 Filling Grouting Design
 5.5 Hydrofracture Grouting Design for Embankment Foundation
6 Grouting Construction,’
 6.1 Preparation
 6.2 Borehole
 6.3 Slurry Processing
 6.4 Grouting。。
 6.5 Grouting Procedure Control
 6.6 Grouting Completion and Hole Closure
 6.7 Treatment ofSpecial Cases
7 Construction Safety and Monitoring
 7.1 General
 7.2 Monitoring ofDam Deformation
 7.3 Seepage Monitoring
 7.4 0thers
8 Quality Check ofGrouting
Appendix A(Informative) Calculation of H-ydrofracture
  Grouting Pressure
Appendix B(Informative) Calculation of Dam Stability
  during Grouting
Appendix C(Informative) Grouting Record Zable





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