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  To the Instructor  We all know that many students entering college today do not have the reading skills needed to do effective work in their courses. A related problem, apparent even in class discussions, is that students often lack the skills required to think in a clear and logical way.  The purpose of Ten Steps to Improving College Reading Skills, Fourth Edition, is to develop effective reading and clear thinking. To do so, Part I presents a sequence of ten reading skills that are widely recognized as essential for basic and advanced comprehension. The first six skills concern the more literal levels of comprehension:  Understanding vocabulary in context  Recognizing main ideas  Identifying supporting details  Recognizing implied main ideas and the central point  Understanding relationships that involve addition and time  Understanding relationships that involve examples, comparison and/or contrast, and cause and effect  The remaining skills cover the more advanced, critical levels of comprehension:  Distinguishing between facts and opinions  Making inferences  Identifying an authors purpose and tone  Evaluating arguments  In every chapter in Part I, the key aspects of a skill are explained and illustrated clearly and simply. Explanations are accompanied by a series of practices, and each chapter ends with four review tests. The last review test consists of a reading selection so that students can apply the skill just learned to real-world reading materials, including newspaper and magazine articles and textbook selections. Together, the ten chapters provide students with the skills needed for both basic and more advanced reading comprehension.  Following each chapter in Part I are at least six mastery tests for the skill in question. The tests progress in difficulty, giving students the additional practice and challenge they may need for the solid learning of each skill. While designed for quick grading, the tests also require students to think carefully before answering each questioin.


  Steps & Skills系列包括阅读、写作、听力、口语等分册,旨在帮助学习者循序渐进地提高英语语言技能。本系列全部为原版引进,作者均为在语言教学与教材编写领域有丰富经验的专家。教材编排新颖,讲解生动,由浅入深,有助于学习者打下扎实的语言基础,同时增强英语思维能力。本系列既可用于课堂教学,也适合自学提高。注重基础,系统性强:介绍提高英语阅读能力的十大技巧,由基础阅读向高级阅读过渡,配有大量练习与测试题。材料丰富,趣味性强:选篇难度适中,内容引人入胜,辅以形式多样的阅读活动,帮助学习者加深理解。锻炼思维,挑战性强:系统的阅读训练与启发性的思考活动有助于学习者提高推理、分析与判断能力。使用方便,实用性强:讲解重点部分配有中文,便于学习者理解和掌握。各章内容安排合理,从讲解、举例、练习到测试,便于教学与评估。


John Langan has taught reading and writing at Atlantic Cape Community College near Atlantic City, New Jersey, for over twenty years. The author of a popular series of college textbooks on both subjects, he enjoys the challenge of developing materials that teach skills in an especially clear and lively way. Before teaching, he earned advanced degrees in writing at Rutgers University and in Reading at Rowan University. He also spent a year writing fiction that, he says, “is now at the back of a drawer waiting to be discovered and acclaimed posthumously.” While in school, he supported himself by working as a truck drive, a machinist, a battery assembler, a hospital attendant, and an apple packer.


Preface: To the InstructorINTRODUCTION  绪论 1 How to Become a Better Reader and Thinker 如何更好地阅读和思考 2 Reading for Pleasure and Power 为乐趣和力量而阅读 3 Some Quick Study Tips 高效学习的捷径PART Ⅰ TEN STEPS TO IMPROVING COLLEGE READING SKILLS 提高大学英语阅读技巧的十个步骤 1 Vocabulary in Context 语境中的词汇  Reading: Night Watch Roy Popkin  Mastery Tests 2 Main Ideas 主题思想  Reading: Here's to Your Health Joan Dunayer  Mastery Tests 3 Supporting Details 支持性细节  Reading: Child-Rearing Styles Diane E. Papalia and Sally Wendkos Olds  Mastery Tests 4 Implied Main Ideas and the Central Point 隐含的主题思想和中心论点  Reading: Rowing the Bus Paul Logan  Mastery Tests 5 Relationships Ⅰ 语句或段落间的关系(一)  Reading: Students in Shock John Kellmayer  Mastery Tests 6 Relationships Ⅱ 语句或段落间的关系(二)  Reading: l Became Her Target Roger Wilkins  Mastery Tests 7 Fact and Opinion 事实和观点  Reading: New Respect for the Nap, a Pause That Refreshes Jane E. Brody  Mastery Tests 8 Inferences 推理  Reading: Gender Inequality in Health Care and in the Workplace  James M. Henslin  Mastery Tests 9 Purpose and Tone 目的和语气  Reading: The Scholarship Jacket Marta Salinas  Mastery Tests 10 Argument 论证  Reading: In Praise of the F Word Mary Sherry  Mastery TestsPART Ⅱ TEN READING SELECTIONS 十篇精选阅读文章 1 The Yellow Ribbon Pete Hamill 2 Urban Legends Beth Johnson 3 Sha me Dick Gregory 4 The Bystander Effect DorothyBarkin 5 The Real Story of Flight 93 Karen Breslau, EleanorClift, and Evan Thomas 6 Coping with Nervousness Rudolph F. Verderber 7 Compliance Techniques: Getting People to Say Yes Shelley E. Taylor, Letitia Anne Peplau, and David O. Sears 8 Lizzie Borden James Kirby Martin and others 9 Nonverbal Communication AnthonyF. Grasha 10 Preindustrial Cities Rodney StarkPART Ⅲ FOR FURTHER STUDY 拓展学习 1 Combined-Skills Tests 2 Propaganda  Mastery Tests 3 More About Argument: Errors in Reasoning 4 Writing AssignmentsAcknowledgmentsIndexReading Performance Chart


  Check Your Understanding  Now read the following paragraph and see if you can underline its main idea:  1Tailgating--following too closely behind another vehicle is a common cause of accidents. 2yet tailgating accidents could be avoided if drivers followed some clear-cut guidelines. 3Any car that is less than two seconds behind the one ahead is definitely too close. 4Two car lengths is a safe following distance to maintain in local driving. 5Two-car accidents often become chain-reaction pileups when a number of drivers are all tailgating in a line. 6At freeway speeds, or in snowy, icy or foggy conditions, people should increase following distance well beyond what is normally safe. 7Finally, drivers who are impatient or aggressive need to develop the self-control not to express those feelings through dangerous behaviors like tailgating.  Explanation:  In the preceding paragraph, the main idea is stated in the second sentence. The fists sentence introduces the topic, but it is the idea in the second sentence--tailgating can be avoided by following clear-cut guidelines--that is supported in the rest of the paragraph. So keep in mind that the first sentence may simply introduce or lead into the main idea of a paragraph. Very often, a contrast word like yet, but, or however signals the main idea, as in the paragraph you have just read:  Tailgating--following too closely behind another vehicle--is a common cause of accidents. Yet tailgating accidents could be avoided if drivers followed some clear-cut guidelines.






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  •     用简单的十句话高度概括了文章阅读是应该注意的事项,我认为与其说这是一本阅读教程到不如将其看做一本书本学习方法的指南,实用性很高,值得称赞作者的缜密思维和丰富经验。
  •     全是英文,不过看看内容适合大学提高英语技巧。
  •     很基础,很系统,一本很好的提高阅读的书籍,我所见过的。推荐,不过很厚 ,需要做好思想准备,但做起来进度很快。
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  •     书的质量确实不错,我主要想说当当的客服,太让我无语了……买了之后四天还没到,平时上海一天就到了,打电话过去告诉我缺货,缺货为什么不提前告诉我呢?!问他们客服什么时候能到,居然告诉我不知道!!!作为客服连这个都不知道,问他怎么办,居然说他也不知道!客服不知道难道让我问你们CEO吗?多问了几句就不耐烦,让我等消息,语气那么恶劣……真是无语,就凭这么差劲的客服再也不在当当买东西了!
  •     这本书我肯定能啃完!我要好好学习,天天向上!希望当当网上面能进一步降价,完全打垮实体书店!那样,我们既可以买到实惠的书,也能足不出户~ 那多舒服~
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  •     之前买过兰甘的大学英语写作,觉得非常棒,才入手了这本……回来还是有点失望的。排版不是像大学英语写作那样的英文版(只有中文标题),而是使用了大段大段的中文翻译,中英混杂,很违和。相应的练习题目也缺少答案对照,不方便学习。买这个本来是为了提高阅读能力,不过阅读一些篇章之后,发现它更适合应试……
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